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Making quality meals during a busy working week can be difficult. All too often people turn to fast food in the evenings. Cooking can become a drag rather than a pleasure, especially when we don’t have time to buy the ingredients.

With restaurants currently closed, you might also feel you’re missing out on eating out. If you particularly love Indian food and miss having expert meals made for you, our frozen food delivery services could be the ideal solution.

No matter if you love hot and spicy dishes or more mild curries like Korma, My Local Indian has a wide range of dishes to suit all tastes.

Our frozen food delivery services are available all over the UK and include dishes which contain no gluten or dairy. We only deliver the finest cooked Indian dishes ready to enjoy whenever you feel like it.

My Local Indian also has a great choice of vegetarian dishes that include Vegetable Mango Curry which is made using  seasonal vegetables cooked along with green mangoes, coconut, mustard and curry leaves.

We’re currently offering 20% off all dishes until 21st February, so why not get a taste of what we can offer? Along with our delivery services, all dishes can be collected from our base in Taunton.

Find out more about our frozen food delivery services today.


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