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Cardiff Foodie ‘Hungry City Hippy’ recommends My Local Indian

Hungry City Hippy is an award winning Cardiff-based food and sustainability blog, all about supporting local independent businesses and making connections between planet and plate. The blog is writer Jane’s little passion project; a corner of the internet where she can write about the things she loves and the things she thinks are
important. It’s primarily a Cardiff-based food blog, but with a focus on sustainability, and individual environmental responsibility.

Here, Jane reviews her experience of our brand new Cardiff Hub:


Over the last few weeks we’ve been working our way through a selection of Indian ready meals from My Local Indian. Created by the same team behind Mattancherry Cardiff, ‘My Local Indian’ promises “restaurant grade dishes at lower cost and higher convenience” – the dishes arrive ready to be cooked from frozen in the oven or microwave, whenever you fancy.

From the dishes we tried, my faves were the flaky porotta flatbreads, the crispy kale & onion pakoras, and the bright yellow mango curry – a mild saucy dish with coconut, mustard and curry leaves.

I was a bit sceptical about whether a curry from the freezer could hit the spot, but they kept their promise of feeling ‘restaurant quality’ and the portions are v generous too (everything was £6 – £10 a portion and served two).

Big fan of the convenience of having these in the freezer for a lazy dinner, so we’ve just placed another order for lots more of the veg biryani, mango curry & garlic

We are delighted that Jane enjoyed her delicious dishes from My Local Indian and has already placed her next order! To keep up with Jane’s blog, which is always a great read, you can find her at and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget that with our new Cardiff Hub open and our dedicated local team ready to deliver, Cardiffians can benefit from the same delights on a plate as Hungry City Hippy delivered direct to their door – or indeed order online for click and collect. Prefer to buy in person? That’s possible too, as there’s also the option to pop in and purchase from our sister business Mattancherry Cardiff – details here: Not local to Cardiff? – no problem! We have an Outlet in Taunton too and for everywhere else we offer delivery of your My Local Indian dishes straight to you at home anywhere in mainland UK.

My Local Indian really is YOUR local Indian!


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