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As an expanded offering to the click and collect and outlet/ supplier pop in and purchase services that we offer at My Local Indian, over the last few years we have been delighted to expand our options, carrying out catering services to a number of prestige events up and down the country.
As in India, the festival scene here in the UK forms a major part of the calendar, often bringing together thousands of visitors – but there are only a handful of companies able to cater for such large crowds, and few of those offer food created on site, from scratch.
This is what makes the catering service from My Local Indian so special. Whether we are creating small batches of our delicious dishes ready for packaging, freezing and at home consumption; or whether we are catering at large festivals, all our meals are cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients, with the same absence of preservatives and additives. Whether you are enjoying your My Local Indian dishes at home or out at a major festival, we assure you that each mouthful will be fresh, healthy and flavour-packed!
If you have an event in planning where you want to delight your guests, and keep them well fed and hydrated – offering them the chance to enjoy mouthwatering, freshly cooked food that is deliciously different – then please get in touch. For an introduction to our catering opportunities, please contact our Sales Manager or ring 07958124444



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