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Find My Dine investigates My Local Indian

Find My Dine

Find My Dine Investigates good food in your area, in places you might have missed.

This includes: restaurants, pop ups, supper clubs, kitchen takeovers, street food specialists, and private chefs – it’s all about celebrating the best that the independent food sector in Wales has to offer.

We were delighted when Jonathan and Helen, the team behind Find My Dine, took the opportunity to try a selection of dishes from our range, and produce a really positive and informative review on their site – here’s what they had to say:

“Don’t fancy getting those saucepans out after a busy day? Want something easy to cook, and tasty to eat? The ‘dine at home’ options are numerous at the moment, with a number of businesses continuing to offer takeaways as we carry along the Covid roadmap to hospitality fully re-opening.

Launched in 2020, My Local Indian is an extension of the takeaway arm from the independent Mattancherry restaurant group. With its flagship South-Indian restaurant based in Taunton, the business has expanded to open its second outlet in Canton, Cardiff.

Initially established when a group of ex-pats gathered to reminisce over the home cooking they’d enjoyed in their youth, the answer was to recreate those fondly remembered dishes by opening their own restaurant: to reflect and celebrate the diverse culinary influences that create the unique and exciting food of South India. My Local Indian embraces this restaurant concept, and delivers it to your doorstep. It’s certainly not about filling a gap between restaurant dining and takeaway, it’s about providing an alternative.

Unlike supermarkets and larger outlets, My Local Indian’s ready meals are prepared in smaller batches by experienced chefs, and following traditional recipes- not in large industrial units. The result: restaurant-quality, authentic Southern Indian food, freshly cooked and frozen, to seal in and preserve the aromas and flavours.

Find My Dine
Find My Dine

Ordering in itself is easy, as you simply head online and are provided with delivery options of local delivery (Cardiff), national delivery, or you can click and collect from Mattancherry on Cowbridge Road East.

But why should I order this over my usual Indian takeaway, we hear you say? Well, for one thing you skip the inevitable wait for the delivery driver. In terms of convenience, it’s no more arduous than a ‘take out of the freezer, and pop into the microwave or oven’ job. So very much minimal fuss, (and minimal washing-up too!) The choice of dishes is far from your typical Indian takeaway menu- from Malabar Prawn Curry to Railway Lamb Curry and Beef Ularthiyathu; the My Local Indian choices are very much in keeping with the in house restaurant/takeaway menu, with additional dish selections available.

Happily, portions for the main courses are available in single or double sizes, so whether it’s just a quiet night in for yourself, a family meal or a full-on Indian feast, there are options for everyone. That’s one of those ideas which makes you wonder why more don’t offer that choice and adds to the appeal…..”

To discover the Find My Dine view on the individual dishes they sampled, read more at

More about Find My Dine:

Find My Dine is about helping you have a great meal while you support a locally-owned business. It’s a place which informs, celebrates, shares and promotes. Jonathan and Helen bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to Find My Dine. Their blogs The Plate Licked Clean and The Octopus Diaries have consistently championed locally owned businesses, They have built a hard-won reputation over years for honest, constructive and perceptive writing. Their work has been featured in Olive Magazine, The Western Mail, Visit Cardiff and on BBC Radio Wales, among others.


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