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Foodlover Magazine loves My Local Indian

The latest Foodlover magazine has a wonderful seven-page feature on the inspiration and heritage behind the dishes of India. West Country Foodlover is a quality foodie magazine and website for anyone who’s passionate about food. Whether it’s home baking that keeps your creative passions flowing or travelling the West Country in search of the best cream tea or Sunday roast, the team at Foodlover promise to keep you inspired and up to date with all your local foodie happenings.

Our head chef Loganathan was delighted to contribute to the ‘Spice Up Your Life’ feature in the latest edition of the magazine, inspiring the section dedicated to Southern Indian cuisine, and sharing how we use recipes influenced by the history of the region, and handed down through the generations to craft our My Local Indian range:

“Explorers, traders and adventurers have been drawn to Kerala for more than a thousand years, from all corners of India and the world. This melting pot of culinary and social history has influenced recipes down the centuries, resulting in a mix of flavours, ingredients, textures and tastes that are unique to this tropical paradise at India’s southern tip. From spectacular Chinese fishing nets on the waterside, to the synagogues, churches, temples and mosques that sit side by side in bustling streets that lead to the docks and the spice markets – the ports of Kerala’s western shore, lapped by the waters of the Arabian Sea, live their history in vibrant colour. Traders, migrants and invaders were drawn here by the exotic spices that made many a fortune over the centuries and which colour the rich palette of Keralan cuisine”

“Lovers of Indian food will be familiar with dishes mainly using chicken and lamb, however Keralan dishes often have a seafood base, with turmeric, cardamom, pepper and coconut gently infusing with the delicate flavour of the fish. Arabian explorers and traders brought with them their love of rich and meaty beef and mutton stews, and these too, flavoured with cumin, clove, ginger and black pepper are popular dishes. Vegetarians are also very well catered for in Keralan cuisine, with the freshest vegetables and tropical coconut, mango and pineapple featuring in many dishes, as well as warm and comforting dal and chickpea based recipes”

The magazine highlighted some of our delicious dishes as stand out examples of Southern
Indian cuisine:

You can see the full ‘Spice up Your Life’ feature, and the rest of the magazine edition here:


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