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Global Recycling Day

On #GlobalRecyclingDay we would like to highlight that My Local Indian not only offers efficient deliveries of authentic Indian food- we are a very environmentally conscious company.

Right from the start of our business preparation we took the decision to make our products and processes as eco-friendly as possible. We undertook lengthy research and trials to ensure that we could deliver superior quality products to our customers, whilst keeping in mind our carbon footprint.

When carrying out home deliveries of Indian food, we ensure we were not going to be adding to the vast amount of plastic and non-recyclable packaging that some food producers, takeaways and supermarkets churn out.

As a result of our detailed trials and tester feedback we were delighted to pledge upon launch, that our entire packaging is made up of biodegradable/compostable or recyclable materials. This is true whether you are ordering Indian food online for home delivery, using click and collect, or if you are purchasing over the counter at our outlet.

Focused on the Environment

Being focused on the environment is of course only one of the ways that we stand head and shoulders above any other frozen food delivery service you've tried before:
And don't forget – we offer a money saving referral scheme for you and your friends and family, plus if you are local to our Taunton outlet and opt for free TA1 delivery, click and collect or pop in and purchase, we'll also discount your cart cost by 20%.

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