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Lip smacking unique Keralan combo meal – Turmeric cassava mash with beef marinated and cooked in a spicy aromatic gravy – A meal on its own with well balanced carbohydrate, protein and fibre

No gluten, No Dairy


Classic chicken tikka – marinated in yoghurt and Kashmiri chilli, cooked to a red and hot juicy perfection.

No gluten
Weight(g): 200g ~ Serves 2

Traditional fish recipe popular in North Kerala – Sea bass chunks (on bones) cooked with aromatic spices, coconut cream and tangy tamarind. (Please note that this dish contains fish bones which need to be carefully removed before consumption. It may not be suitable for young children without adult supervision)

No Gluten

Layered flatbread made from all purpose flour cooked in a hot plate. Goes well with coconut based curries.

250 g (2 Porotta)~Serves 1-2

Succulent tiger prawns marinated in Kashmiri chilli and crumb fried – Favourite spicy snack of Kochi, Kerala.

No dairy
Weight(g): 170g ~ Serves 1-2

Aromatic prawn preparation made from green mangoes and coconut milk tempered with mustard and curry leaves.



MLI Chef Mani’s take on the flavourful dish popular in the Kuttanadu region of Kerala – Gressingham duck spiced with pepper, green chillies, aromatic spices smothered in a creamy coconut gravy.

Please note: This is a dish prepared in the traditional way using whole duck and hence contains small and large bones. Appropriate caution should be taken while eating this dish.

No Gluten

Lamb shoulder and Basmati rice cooked with exotic spices, saffron, ghee and fried onion. A complete meal in itself. Goes well with Raita.

No Gluten

Basmati rice flavoured with turmeric and fresh lemon, tempered with curry leaves,mustard and a safoetida. One of the beneficial properties of turmeric stems from the curcumin, the compound in the spice that gives it a bright yellow color.

No Dairy
Suitable for Vegans
Weight(g): 450g ~ Serves 2

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