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The team at The Ruby Murray Club definitely know their stuff when it comes to Indian food.

The team at The Ruby Murray Club definitely know their stuff when it comes to Indian food, and are always keen to support local businesses, so we were excited when they offered to give our restaurant quality Indian dishes a review. 

We are delighted that the team (and members of their family!) enjoyed the convenience and authentic, restaurant quality of the meals they tried, and put together such a comprehensive video of their My Local Indian experience!

Ronnie and the boys take us through an evening with My Local Indian, from unboxing and deciding who on the team was to try which of our delicious meal combinations, though to warming up their dishes, tucking in and the all important feedback!

Ronnie and his family tried our Syrian Beef Curry, Grandma’s Fish Curry, Railway Lamb Curry, British Aviyal with side dishes of Onion Pakora, Coconut Rice and Kerala Parotta – the verdict? Ronnie’s Dad Gareth said “absolutely brilliant, loved all the curries – the beef and the lamb curries in particular were superb, loved the flavour and texture, really enjoyed it – pretty faultless to be honest!” Ronnie’s Mum added: “I agree, I don’t think I’ve ever had a lamb curry so tender – just melted in your mouth, absolutely delicious. I really enjoyed the other dishes too – faultless, really, really good!” Ronnie concluded: “The Ruby Murray boys have eaten at the Mattancherry restaurant, and these dishes tasted just like the restaurant – you’ve really got to give My Local Indian a try, it really is delicious restaurant quality, tasty food at your own home!”

Ron’s selection to share with his wife comprised the My Local Indian Dhaba Murgh, Grandma’s Chicken Curry with a side of Pulao Rice. “Really massive portions, really good colour and taste and absolutely loads of chicken in them – I would definitely give them a 4.5 out of 5 in our chilli quality ratings system” says Ron.

Giles got to try our Dhaba Murgh, Chicken Biryani with a side of plain nan. “It’s a tough gig trying to get a good frozen meal – I’ve done shift work in the steel works for the last 10 years and I’ve had to rely on frozen meals and they’ve done a good job here – I would 100% get one of these: loads of food, loads of chicken and the Dhaba Murgh was absolutely beautiful – loads of delicious flavour and colour – a lot of us eat with our eyes, so this was really beautiful, thanks very much!”

The Ruby Murray Club
The Ruby Murray Club
The Ruby Murray Club
Perry’s dishes were the Kochi Prawn Curry, Lamb Biryani and our Vegetable Mango Curry. “Really fresh, quality chunky prawns – not something I would usually try as a curry, but I’d definitely give that a whirl if I was you – not your normal style of curry but it all works beautifully for me, the combination of the mustard and coconut milk makes it a really good dish. The Lamb Biryani was absolutely massive, definitely a double portion with huge chunks of lamb that are really fresh and just fell apart in my mouth – considering that has come as a fast food kind of frozen convenience meal, that is a really, really good dish. You can taste all the different spices – can’t fault it at all. The Vegetable Mango Curry is not something I’d usually pick in a restaurant as I prefer meat dishes but the flavours are all there. I am absolutely stuffed – fair play, for a frozen ready meal that’s one of the nicest selections of curry I’ve ever tried. Overall a great Sunday evening in: great experience, super tasty curries”

As an overall experience the Ruby Murray Club lads decided My Local Indian was “a brilliant concept, top class curries which are restaurant quality and come highly recommended – give them a try”

The video is available to watch here: and for more about The Ruby Murray Club give them a follow on Facebook.


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