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What’s new at My Local Indian?

What’s new at My Local Indian?

At My Local Indian we are always looking for opportunities to expand our range of delicious, authentic Indian ready meals.

Our chefs are experts in Keralan cuisine and are passionate about ensuring our offering is the best frozen takeaway in the UK. Our fresh Indian food can be delivered to a variety of locations through the UK.

Dishes are always small batch-cooked and freshly frozen to keep all the taste you expect from a top class Indian restaurant – this really is quality frozen food, home delivered to your door! We are specialists in homemade meal deliveries– why not try one of our brand new dishes and enjoy something different with your next curry delivery?

Beetroot Thoran - Stir fry preparation of beetroot with coconut, mustard, curry leaves.

Vegetarian Indian food is just delightful, so much so that when you eat a vegetarian Indian diet you just don’t seem to miss the meat element at all. This is because we are not scared about adding big bold flavours to delicate vegetables. In Kerala, ‘Thoran’ is a term used for a stir fried preparation that can literally be made with any of the local, seasonal vegetables. For our Beetroot Thoran we select the freshest beetroot and combine it with the beautiful tastes and textures of coconut, mustard and curry leaf.

Beetroot is a health food titan – low in fat, full of vitamins and minerals and packed with powerful antioxidants. Studies have shown that beetroot can have a positive effect on our wellbeing – from digestive health, to lowering blood pressure and the plant pigment that gives beetroot its rich, purple-crimson colour – betacyanin – is a powerful agent with high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Kerala Porotta - Layered flatbread made from all-purpose flour cooked on a hot plate. The perfect accompaniment to coconut based curries.

Kerala Porotta is a real southern Indian delicacy – the layered and flaky flatbreads just melt away in the mouth. It is made from all-purpose flour (Maida) and requires a significant amount of expert kneading to bring real softness to the dough, and great patience and care in the preparation. The soft and crunchy outer layer and the cushy inner layers make the Kerala Porotta a really delicious accompaniment to our range of curries – particularly those that have a coconut base.

Why not give one of these brand new dishes a try with your next frozen Indian meal delivery from My Local Indian – and don’t forget to check back regularly as we add more delicious authentic Indian meals to our inventory.


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